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In case anyone cares, spaces are accepted in the names of your zip files for the Multiple Icon Uploader, which should also be working again with IJ.

With this tool, you may choose to be notified, via e-mail, of new comments to any existing post (public posts only), new posts in any community (f-locked or otherwise), or new posts with a certain tag (public posts only). Furthermore, if you wish to use a Post Tracker (for new posts in a community or with a tag), you need to add the url here. For example, an acceptable url might look like:

Community Posts:
Tag Posts:
F-lock communities: Type in the username and password for your Insane/Live/Greatest-Journal account and click the box above 'F-Locked?'. You may disable the receipt of email notifications, by clicking 'Turn Email Off' and you may turn them on again by clicking 'Turn Email On'.


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