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Privacy Policy

For the purposes of this document, "Journal Watcher" and "Steve(n Calderwood)" are used interchangably. No liability or responsibility applies to Journal Watcher that does not apply to Steve Calderwood. You use Journal Watcher at your own risk!

Your privacy is of paramount importance. At Journal Watcher, Steve Calderwood (creator and maintainer of Journal Watcher) has a few fundamental principles regarding privacy:

Below is Journal Watcher's privacy policy which incorporates these goals:

In addition to the information that the webhost's visitor statistics program collects, Journal Watcher collects the following information:

As always, with sending any information over the internet, there is an inherent risk the user undertakes. Neither Journal Watcher nor Steve Calderwood is responsible for any breach of your privacy that occurs. Steve takes privacy incredibly seriously and has taken the steps he is able to take to protect your privacy. If you are not satisfied by the steps outlined in this document, then you are recommended to a) suggest changes via the contact page (yet you understand full well they may not be implemented); b) do not register an account; or c) request account deletion via the contact page (Steve promises a user-enabled account deletion to be available before 11/1/2008).

The Way We Use Information:

Journal Watcher uses your information in the following ways.

Journal Watcher does NOT under any circumstances give out, sell, or otherwise distribute the email addresses or *Journal account information it collects (according to the above descriptions). The ONLY exception are those situations in which we are compelled by law to distribute information.

Regarding Data Security

To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, appropriate electronic and managerial procedures have been implemented in the hope of safeguarding and securing your information. Steve Calderwood does not have physical access to the equipment on which your information is stored. If you are concerned about that security, then you need to consult the webhost, DreamHost.

Children's Privacy

Protecting children privacy is incredibly valuable. Journal Watcher does not collect or maintain information on those under thirteen (13) years of age. Furthermore, Journal Watcher does not permit those who are under thirteen (13) to register for an account (and hence, use the provided services).

Accessing, Correcting, Deleting your information

After registering an account, you may edit your account information by going to the Edit Account page. No later than 11/1/2008, you will be able to delete your account information from that page. Your username, email address, timestamp of last access, all watchings, post tracker information, and toolbar information are deleted when you deleted your account (once the feature is available, which will be no later than 11/1/2008). Information used in the icon uploader may not be deleted immediately. That information is deleted on an irregular basis, but roughly once-a-week.

The exception to this deletion policy is that the Journal Watcher database is routinely backed up. The backup includes the entire contents of the database (e.g. the above listed information). These backups are purged on an irregular basis. Backups are ONLY used for restoration purposes (unless Journal Watcher is served with a legally compelling order to turn over the contents of a backup file). When you delete your account, you are not entitled to the deletion of your information in the backup files, as any such change to the backup information could compromise their veracity and affect the Journal Watcher service as a whole.

Again, Steve Calderwood considers privacy of paramount importance. He takes every step he reasonably can to protect your privacy. Your use of the Journal Watcher service is at your own risk.